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Biographical entry Nicolle, Dean (1974 - )

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Botanist and Taxonomist


Dean Nicolle is a botanist specialising in eucalypt systematics, geographical variation, ecology and biochemistry. He is director and head of research at Currency Creek Arboretum (CCA), a world-renowned eucalypt research arboretum. Most of the eucalypts in the plantation were grown from seed collected by Nicolle in the wild. Dean Nicolle named over 150 Eucalyptus species and subspecies, some in collaboration with Brooker, M.E. French and L.A.S. Johnson.

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Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


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  • Wrigley, J. and Fagg, M., Eucalypts: A Celebration (Crows Nest Australia: Allen & Unwin, 2010), 344 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • Nicolle, D; Potts, BM and McKinnon, GE, 'Eucalyptus cordata Subsp. quadrangulosa (Myrtaceae), a new taxon of restricted distribution from southern Tasmania.', Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, 142 (2) (2008), 71-78. Details
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  • Steane, DA; Nicolle, D;,Sansaloni, CP; Petroli, CD; Carling, J; Kilian, A; Myburg, AA; Grattapaglia, D and Vaillancourt, RE, 'Population genetic analysis and phylogeny reconstruction in Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) using high-throughput, genome-wide genotyping', Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 59 (2011), 206-224. Details


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