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Biographical entry Baxter, William (c. 1792 - )

c. 1792
Botanical collector and Gardener


William Baxter worked for private British employers as well as Australian botanical gardens as a gardener and botanical collector. Between 1823 and 1830 he collected in Kangaroo Island (South Australia), Sound, Cape Arid and Lucky Bay (Western Australia), and Wilson's Promontory, Victoria. Many of his specimens are now held at the British Museum of Natural History and the herbarium at Kew Botanic Gardens, England. The genus Baxteria and a number of species were named in his honour.



1823 - ?
Career event - Collected specimens in Kangaroo Island, S.A., King George Sound, Cape Arid and Lucky Bay, in W.A., and Wilson's Promontory, Vic for British nursery
1828 - 1829
Career event - Collected on behalf of the Sydney Botanical Gardens and English private employers
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus baxteri Maiden & Blakely was named for Baxter, who collected the type

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