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Biographical entry Andrews, Cecil Rollo Payton (1870 - 1951)

29 August 1870
London, England
14 June 1951
Botanical collector, Educator and Public servant


Dr Cecil Rollo Payton Andrews served as Director of Education in the West Australian Government from 1903 to 1929, and Pro-Chancellor of the University of Western Australia from 1912 to 1929. He is remembered for his commitment to the modernisation of rural schooling. He was also a collector of botanical specimens. Though his main interest was in the Acacia, he collected other genera including Eriostemon and Pultenaea, and collected and described Eucalyptus diptera.



1896 - 1900
Career position - Resident Tutor, Battersea Training College, England
1901 - 1903
Career position - Principal of the (Teachers) Training College, Claremont, Western Australia
1903 - 1929
Career position - Director of Education, West Australian Department of Education
Taxonomy event - Collected and described Eucalyptus diptera C.R.P. Andrews (Two-winged Gimlet) J.Western Australian Nat.Hist.Soc. 2 (1):42 (1904)
1904 - 1905
Career position - President, Western Australian Natural History Society (1904 - 1905)
1912 - 1929
Career position - Pro-Chancellor of the University of Western Australia

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