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Biographical entry Adamson, Frederick M. (c. 1810 - c. 1860)

c. 1810
Victoria, Australia
c. 1860
Botanical collector


Little is known about Victorian settler Frederick Adamson, although he made some 'extensive and excellent collections' (Hooker J.D.,1859) between 1840 and 1855 in the Melbourne area. His samples were sent to Sir William Hooker, first director of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, England, where they became a significant part of the extensive 'Hooker' collection of Australian specimens. At the time that Frederick Adamson collected specimen around Melbourne, virtually no botanical work had emanated from the new settlement.



Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus macrorhyncha F. Muell. ex Benth. Flora Australiensis 3:207 (1867) (Red Gum, Red Stringybark, Cannons Stringybark) Adamson collected a syntype.

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  • Hall, Norman, Botanists of the Eucalypts: short biographies of people who have named eucalypts, whose names have been given to species or who have collected type material (Melbourne: CSIRO, 1978), 101 pp. Details
  • Hooker, Joseph Dalton, On the Flora of Australia: its Origin, Affinities, and Distribution (London: Lovell-Reeve, 1859), The book has several references to Adamson, and a list of introduced plants, of which several include Adamson's descriptions of their location and characteristics (pp 105-109). Details

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