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Biographical entry Hall, Norman (1906 - 2005)

10 January 1906
Pahiatua, New Zealand
Botanical collector, Forester and Photographer


Norman Hall graduated in forestry from the University of New Zealand. He had a long career as a forester for the South Australian state government, as lecturer on Forest Science, and photographer of and writer on eucalypts.


Initially working in private forestry, Norman Hall soon worked for the Woods and Forests Department of South Australia and the Forestry and Timber Bureau. From 1958-1967, he was senior lecturer at the Australian Forestry School (later Department of Forestry, Australian National University). From the late 1960s to 1975, Norman Hall collected and photographed eucalypt species. In collaboration with M.I.H. Brooker, he wrote nearly 200 leaflets for the Forest Tree Series, each leaflet describing one species of Eucalyptus. Norman Hall co-wrote several important books on Australian trees, and published Botanists of the Eucalypts, with biographies of people who collected or named eucalypt species. He has contributed papers to various specialist journals and conferences.


1958 - 1967
Career event - Senior lecturer at the Australian Forestry School (later Department of Forestry), Australian National University
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus hallii M.I.H. Brooker was named in his honour
Award - NW Jolly Medal, Institute of Foresters of Australia.

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