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Event International Geophysical Year (1957 - 1958)

July 1957
December 1958


The International Geophysical Year started in July 1957 and ended in December 1958. The aim for the International Geophysical Year was for the simultaneous collection of data on a world-wide basis to take place. Australia was represented by the Australian National Committee for the International Geophysical Year. The Committee's played an advisory and co-ordinating role in Australia's activities. Areas where data was collected include: aurora and airglow, cosmic rays, geomagnetism, glaciology, ionosphere physics, longitudes and latitudes, meteorology, nuclear radiation, oceanography, rockets and satellites, seismology, solar activity, and world days.

Archival resources

Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science

  • International Geophysical Year, 1955 - 1963, MS 053; Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science. Details

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


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