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Biographical entry Oreb, Robert

Electrical engineer and Optical Scientist


Dr Robert Oreb is an electrical engineer and optical scientist who has expertise in the development of precision optical imaging instruments.

In 1999, with his colleagues at CSIRO he developed the RoadCrack system, the first system in the world able to detect road fractures as thin as one millimetre while travelling at high-speed.

In 2001 he was instrumental in establishing the Australian Centre for Precision Optics, of which in 2009 he was Chief Operating Officer. His research interest is the development and application of precision optical metrology based on phase-shifting interferometry and other techniques. This research has led to the development of precision manufacturing machinery, including the Optical Surface Profiler (OSP130) which was developed for the Royal Australian Mint.



Award - Engineers Australia Research & Development Excellence award (Canberra Division) for OSP130
Award - Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing ETRS Award for best research publication
Award - CSIRO Medal (National and Divisional) for Roadcrack
Award - Engineers Australia Excellence Award, Research & Development (National and Sydney Division) for Roadcrack
Career event - Established CSIRO's Australian Centre for Precision Optics (ACPO)

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