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Biographical entry Ellis, Jeffrey Graham (1953 - )

4 May 1953
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Geneticist and Plant breeder


Jeffrey Graham Ellis is a leading plant geneticist. He has done extensive work genetically engineering plant species to become resistant to major diseases.

He has been a Senior Principal Research Scientist in the CSIRO Division of Plant Industry since 2001.



Education - Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons 1), University of Adelaide
Education - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Adelaide
1981 - 1982
Career position - CSIRO Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Genetics Department, State University, Ghent, Belgium
1982 - 1984
Career position - Queen Elizabeth II Postdoctoral Fellow at CSIRO Plant Industry
1984 - 1992
Career position - Research Scientist, CSIRO Plant Industry
1993 - 2001
Career position - Principal Research Scientist and Project Leader of Program Y, CSIRO Plant Industry
2001 -
Career position - Senior Principal Research Scientist and Program Leader of Program Y, Genetic Engineering for Plant Improvement in CSIRO Plant Industry

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