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Biographical entry Duffy, Gregory

Chemist and Earth Sciences


Chemist Gregory Duffy is an expert in energy technology. He has done extensive research and development on greenhouse gas mitigation and renewable, oil and coal technologies.

He is known for his role in the development of Hydrodec, a chemical used to cleanse renew, and remove pollutants from, transformer oil in electricity plants. This product was commercialised in 2004.

Duffy was appointed to the role of Senior Principal Research Scientist in CSIRO Energy Technology and has worked there since 1976.



Education - Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering (Honours and the University Medal), University of Sydney
Education - PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Sydney
1976 - 1984
Career position - Research Officer CSIRO Division of Fossil Fuels
1984 - 1986
Career position - Project scientist at the Joint Coal Board
1986 - 2004?
Career position - Senior Research Scientist, then Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Division of Fossil Fuels
2004 -
Career position - Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Energy Technology

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