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Biographical entry Brooks, John (1940 - )

22 July 1940
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Engineer and Radiophysicist


John Brooks is a radiophysicist and engineer who was employed within the CSIRO's Division of Radiophysics for 37 years between 1965 and 2003.

He began his career with the CSIRO working as an engineer on the Parkes Telescope. In 1982 he was appointed by Bob Frater, then head of the Radiophysics Division to be project manager of the construction of the Australia Telescope Compact Array.

Since then he has been engineer manager on several multi-million dollar international contracts for the construction or maintenance of telescopes.



c. 1957 - c. 1963
Education - Part-time Engineering cadetship with Kriesler Pty Ltd
c. 1957 - c. 1963
Education - Part-time Degree in Engineering, the University of NSW
c. 1964 - c. 1965
Career position - Employed at the Radio Astronomy Department, Manchester University, United Kingdom
1965 - 2003
Career position - Employed in the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics
Education - Master of Engineering Degree, the University of NSW
1982 - 1988
Career position - Project Manager for the construction of the Australia Telescope Compact Array

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