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Biographical entry Batley, Graeme (1941 - )

7 January 1941
Young, New South Wales, Australia
Chemical analyst and Inorganic chemist


Graeme Batley is a chemist who's area of expertise is water sediment and quality assessment.

Batley worked at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission for 12 years before being appointed to the CSIRO in 1981 where he is still employed in 2012.

In 1997 he shared the CSIRO Chairman's Medal for his research team's work on the Port Phillip Bay Environmental Study.

He was instrumental in developing the CSIRO's influential Handbook for Sediment Quality Assessment and has published over 350 highly cited publications.



c. 1958 - 1962
Education - Bachelor of Science (Hons 1), University of Sydney
c. 1963 - 1964
Education - Masters of Science, University of Sydney
c. 1964 - c. 1967
Education - Doctor of Philosophy in analytical and inorganic chemistry, University of Sydney
1969 - 1981
Career position - Research Scientist at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission
1981 - 2006
Career position - Employed in the CSIRO Division of Energy Chemistry, later called CSIRO Energy Technology
Career event - Established the Centre for Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Education - Doctor of Science, University of Sydney
2006 -
Career position - Employed at the CSIRO Division of Land and Water

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