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Biographical entry Ballard, Matthew John (Mat) (1957 - )

6 September 1957
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Physical chemist


Mat Ballard is an expert in polymer and resin chemistry. He has worked at the ICI Australia Research Group and the CSIRO developing patented polymers and resins for various applications including paints, coatings and explosives.

In the 1990s while working in the 'Water Group', Ballard developed the MIEX® water purification system which involves his patented MIEX® Resin.



c. 1975 - 1979
Education - Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physical Chemistry, Sydney University
Award - Awarded the University Medal, Sydney University
1980 - 1983
Education - Doctor of Philosophy Theoretical Chemistry, Sydney University
1984 - 1985
Career position - Research scientist at ICI Corporate Colloid Science Group, Runcorn, United Kingdom
1986 - 1990
Career position - Research scientist at ICI Australia Research Group
1990 - 1991
Career position - Senior research scientist at ICI Australia Research Group
1991 - c. 2003
Career position - Senior Research Scientist to the CSIRO Division of Chemicals and Polymers

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