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Biographical entry Azad, Ahmed Abdullah (1945 - )

17 November 1945
East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)
Biochemist and Pathologist


Ahmed Abdullah Azad is a biochemist with a specialisation in recombinant DNA. He worked at the CSIRO between 1980 and 2000. In 1997 he shared the CSIRO Chairman's medal for his research team's work developing a vaccine for the infectious bursal disease virus.



c. 1964 - 1967
Education - Bachelor of Science, Department of Biochemistry, Dacca University
1967 - 1968
Education - Masters of Science, Department of Biochemistry, Dacca University
1968 - 1969
Career position - Graduate research assistant in the Cholera Research Laboratory, Dacca
c. 1968 - 1973
Education - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto, Canada
1969 - 1975
Career position - Scientific Officer and later Senior Scientific Officer, Atomic Energy Centre Dacca
1975 - 1980
Career position - Research Fellow at the Research School of Biological Sciences, ANU, Canberra
1980 - 2000
Career position - Employed at the CSIRO Division of Protein Chemistry
Award - B. Rispens Memorial Award for Avian Pathology
1993 - 1999
Career position - Seconded to the Biomolecular Research Institute
Award - CSIRO Chairman's Medal for the IBDV research
2000 -
Career position - Director of Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa

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