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Biographical entry Garson, Mary (1953 - )

PhD MA (Cantab), FRACI, MRSC, C.Chem

Author, Chemist and Educator


Mary Garson is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Queensland.

Her research focuses on the chemistry and natural bioactivity of secondary metabolites.

She has received more than $3 million in funding across over 25 peer-reviewed research grants.

She has written over 140 publications in her field including articles, book chapters and conference proceedings.

In 2011, RACI awarded Garson the Leighton Memorial Medal.

She is also acknowledged in the naming of a flatworm species she was the first to collect at Heron Island, Maritigrella marygarsonae.



Education - BA(Hons), University Cambridge
Education - PhD (Thesis The Biosynthesis of Polyketides), University Cambridge
1977 - 1978
Career position - Overseas Research Fellow of the Royal Society in Rome, Italy
Education - MA (Honours), University Cambridge
1978 - 1981
Career position - Research Fellow at New Hall, Cambridge
1981 - 1983
Career position - Medicinal Chemist, Smith Kline and French Research. Ltd., Welwyn, UK
1983 - 1985
Career position - Queen Elizabeth II Research Fellow at James Cook University of North Queensland
Career position - Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Wollongong
1990 - 1991
Career position - Lecturer, The University of Queensland
Career event - Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
1992 - 1997
Career position - Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland
1998 - 2005
Career position - Reader, The University of Queensland
Career event - Member, Australian Delegation to UNESCO World Conference on Science, Budapest
1999 - 2001
Career position - Executive Secretary, World Chemistry Congress
2002 - 2004
Career event - Chair, Rio Tinto Australian Science Olympiads
Career position - Deputy Head, School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, The University of Queensland
Career event - Inaugural Chair, Australian Science Innovations (previously Rio Tinto Australian Science Olympiads)
2006 -
Career position - Professor of Chemistry, The University of Queensland
2006 - 2009
Career position - Titular Member, Division III (Organic) International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
2008 - 2009
Career position - Secretary, Division III (Organic) International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Award - Leighton Memorial Medal

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Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Hooker, Claire, Irresistible Forces: Australian Women in Science (Carlton: Melbourne University Press, 2004), 215 pp. Details


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