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Dataset CSIRO Research Divisions Over Time (1985 - )

History and Philosophy of Science
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This dataset is the result of research that began in 1985 and is ongoing. The dataset contains details on the various research divisions and flagships established since the inception of the CSIR in 1926, through to its current day incarnation, the CSIRO.

The data was collected on the premise of providing a comprehensive map of the CSIRO and its subsidiary organisations. As it stands the dataset is a document of the history and evolution of the CSIR, CSIRO's and thus the Commonwealth Government's research foci. It serves as a reflection of the changing issues facing Australian industry and society and how research was used to address them.

The parameters of data collected on each division or research facility are as follows:
Name of facility or division; dates of establishment and closure, where applicable; facility location; facility web address; note summarising work of facility; list of related people and organisations - previous, subsequent, superior or subordinate; and a list of relevant publications.

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Rebecca Rigby