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Biographical entry Nicholas, William (1826 - 1917)

Cornwall, United Kingdom
18 November 1917
Maryborough, Victoria, Australia
Mine manager


William Nicholas managed numerous mines in Victoria. Prior to coming to Australia he worked in the tin and copper minds of Cornwall. He wrote at least one article for the Royal Society of Victoria.



Life event - Migrated to Australia (Melbourne)
c. 1852 - c. 1861
Career position - Prospector in Bendigo and Ballarat
1862 - 1863
Career position - Manager of Poverty Point Quartz Mining Co. (in New Zealand?)
1864 - 1876
Career position - Manager of Maryborough Laviathan in Victoria
c. 1876 - c. 1886
Career position - Manager of New Australasian at Creswick, Victoria
1883 -
Career event - Foundation Member, Victorian Engineers Association
1887 -
Career position - Manager of Chalk's Freehold in Maryborough

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Journal Articles

  • Nicholas, William, 'The Origin of Quartz Reefs and Gold', Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, 18 (1882), 47. Details
  • Nicholas, William, 'A new system of winding in deep mining shafts (Paper)', Transactions and Proceedings of the Victorian Engineers Association vol. I 1883-1885 (1885), 162-167. Details


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