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Biographical entry Grimwade, Edward Norton (1866 - 1945)

25 May 1866
St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
29 April 1945
Macedon, Victoria, Australia
Pharmaceutical manufacturer, Manufacturer and Pharmacist


Edward Norton Grimwade, like his brothers, Harold and Wilfred, was a successful business man who helped advance Australia's pharmaceutical, glass, plastics and chemical manufacturing industries.


After completing his pharmacy apprenticeship in London and Melbourne, he was made a partner of Felton, Grimwade & Co. in 1889. In 1910 when their father Frederick Sheppard Grimwade die, he and his two brothers inherited the company. They also inherited substantial interests in their father's many other businesses which included Felton Grimwade & Bickford's of Perth, J. Bosisto & Co., Cuming Smith & Co. Ltd, the Adelaide Chemical and Fertilizer Co. Ltd, and the Melbourne Glass Bottle Works Pty Ltd (later Australian Glass Manufacturers Ltd). In 1912 they established Australian Oxygen Co. which became known as Australian Oxygen and Industrial Gases Pty Ltd. In around 1920. When Drug Houses of Australia Ltd was formed Edward Grimwade was appointed chairman. He was instrumental in promoting and refining the Grimwade businesses.


1883 - 1886
Education - Apprenticed to a firm of druggists in London
1886 - 1889
Career position - Returned to Melbourne to work at his father's company Felton Grimwade & Co.
1889 -
Career position - Partner of Felton Grimwade & Co.
1910 -
Career position - Chairman of the Felton Bequests Committee
Career position - Co-founded Australian Oxygen Co. with his brothers
Career position - President of the Chamber of Commerce
Career position - Chairman of Australian Glass Manufacturers Ltd
Career position - Carba Dry Ice (Australia) Ltd established
c. 1929 - c. 1937
Career position - Chairman of Drug Houses of Australia Ltd.

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  • Grimwade, E. Norton, 'A Kino from Eucalyptus maculata', The Australasian Journal of Pharmacy, 1 (1886), 279-280. Details


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