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Biographical entry Lukin, Gresley (1840 - 1916)

21 November 1840
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
12 September 1916
Wellington, New Zealand
Public servant


Gresley Lukin co-patented a process for the manufacture of sugar from juice without lime in 1877. He had a varied life which involved two years study as an engineer, acting, several clerk positions, and editor of several newspapers including the Brisbane Courierand the Queenslander.



1865 - 1868
Career position - Recording Clerk at Maranoa Land Office at Roma, Queensland
1868 - 1871
Career position - Chief Clerk at the Lands Department in Brisbane
1871 - 1873
Career position - Chief clerk of the Supreme Court of Queensland
1873 - 1880
Career position - Editor of the Brisbane Courier and the Queenslander
1881 - 1884
Life event - Moved to Melbourne
1884 - 1890
Career position - Manager of a New South Wales tin-mining company
1890 - 1892
Career position - Bought and ran the Boomerang paper
1893 - 1896
Career position - Parliamentary Reporter on the Evening Post in Wellington, New Zealand
1896 -
Career position - Editor of the Evening Post

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Book Sections

  • Eastes, Charles; Lukin, Gresley; Boyd, Alexander Jenyns William, 'An Invention for the Better Clarificatioin of Cane-juice and Improvements in Making Sugar, also for Extracting Crystallizable Sugar from Molasses, and its Adaption to the Refinement of Sugar (Patent No. 567, 6 February 1877)' in Index to New South Wales Letters of Registration of Inventions, 1854 to July 1887 (Sydney: Government Printer, 1891). Details
  • Gibbney, H. J., 'Lukin, Gresley (1840-1916)' in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Douglas Pike, ed., vol. 5 (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1974), pp. 108-109. Details

Journal Articles

  • Eastes, Charles, Lukin, Gresley and Boyd, William Alexander Jenyn, 'Manufacture of sugar from juice without lime, &c. (Patent, 6 April, 1877)', Specifications of Letters of Registration of Patents for Inventions - South Australia, 1874-8, 3 (285) (1877), 3. Details


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