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Biographical entry Barnard, James (1809? - 1897)

Hackney, United Kingdom
20 April 1897
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Ethnographer, Printer and Statistician


James Barnard was Government Printer in Van Diemen's Land (1838-1880) and also a skilled statistician, ethnographer and amateur scientist. He was an original member of the Tasmanian Society (later the Royal Society of Tasmania) and published their journal Tasmanian Journal of Natural Science. Barnard wrote many articles on varied topics including Tasmanian Aboriginals, the growing of beetroot and sugar manufacture, and the acclimatization of esparto grass for paper making.

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Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

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Journal Articles

  • Barnard, James, 'On the technology of a beet sugar factory, for working up the produce of five hundred acres of beet', Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania for 1872 (1873), 57-64. Details


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