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Biographical entry Barnes, David Thomas (1923 - 2000)

8 December 1923
14 November 2000
Forensic psychiatrist


David Thomas Barnes was a internationally recognised forensic psychiatrist. In 1983 he was also appointed Principal forensic psychiatric expert witness by the Hong Kong Government. After many years working as a general practitioner, Barnes decided he wanted to work in psychiatry and completed a Diploma in psychological medicine in 1960 at the University of Melbourne - the only place to offer psychiatry at that time. He then set up a private practice in East Melbourne and began treating the criminally insane. Barnes worked as a consultant forensic psychiatrist for over twenty-five years and was called as an expert witness in trials across most of Australia. He travelled widely and was a visiting scholar at many overseas institutes such as Menninger Clinic in Kansas (USA) and the HM Prison Psychiatric Service in England (1966, 1978). Taken from The Age, Obituaries 20/12/2000.



Education - Bachelor of Medicine (MB) completed at the University of Adelaide?
c. 1951 - c. 1958
Career position - Private medical practice in Adelaide and Tasmania
Education - Diploma in Psychological Medicine completed at the University of Melbourne
Career position - Churchill Fellow studying Forensic Psychiatry in Europe, Britain and the United States of America
1983 -
Career position - Principal forensic psychiatric expert witness for Hong Kong

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