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Biographical entry Kruszelnicki, Karl (c. 1948 - )

c. 1948
HĂ„lsingborg, Sweden
Science broadcaster and Scientist


Karl Kruszelnicki, or 'Dr Karl' as he is more commonly known is one of Australia's top science broadcasters and promoters. He is the face of science for many kids. Kruszelnicki has had a long term radio show on JJJ and has had regular spots on other stations. He is also a regular on many television programs and has authored a number of very popular books. Kruszelnicki has another important role in promoting science - he is the Inaugural Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the School of Physics of the University of Sydney. In this role he gives talks to schools around Australia and gives them free copies of the New Scientist magazine. Dr Karl's broad knowledge comes from a genuine love of the field and years of studying and working in a number of different fields including medicine. He completed Masters Degrees in astrophysics and bio-medical engineering and a degree in medicine and surgery.


Published resources


  • Kruszelnicki, Karl, Flight, Food & Thingummygigs (Pymble, NSW: HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd, 1997), 144 pp. Details
  • Kruszelnicki, Karl, Ears, Gears and Gadgets (Pymble, NSW: HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd, 1997), 112 pp. Details
  • Kruszelnicki, Karl, Forests, fleece and prickly pears (Pymble, NSW: Angus & Robertson, 1997), 126 pp. Details


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