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Biographical entry Geissmann, Hilda Gladys (1890 - 1988)

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Naturalist and Photographer


Hilda Gladys Geissmann was a self-taught naturalist and nature photographer. She became an expert on the flora and fauna of the Mount Tamborine region in Queensland. She is said to have known the more about the flora and fauna there than any other person. Many of her specimens were greatly prized because of their rarity, beauty or quality and are housed in museums and herbariums throughout Australia and in the USA. Although Geissmann had a love of all natural things her true passion was birds and orchids. She developed a high standing in the native orchard world especially for her exquisite photographs which she developed and printed herself. She left such a positive impression on the people of Tamborine that local residents erected a monument after her death. It was inscribed with "A true pioneer of natural history. We remember her on the mountain she loved."

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Edited Books

  • McKay, Judith ed., Brilliant Careers: Women Collectors and Illustrators in Queensland (Brisbane: Queensland Museum, 1997), 80 pp. Details


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