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Biographical entry Hobler, Mabel Theodore (1871 - 1925)

Crescent Lagoon, Queensland, Australia
26 August 1925
Queensland, Australia
Zoological collector


Mabel Theodore Hobler was a collector of animals and insects, with a passion for beetles. She developed a love of natural history through her father George Barnard who was a noted naturalist himself. Hobler did all of her collecting in Queensland and helped discover several new species of weevils. Many of her specimens which ranged from weevils to lizards were donated to the South Australian and Queensland Museums. Hobler was a member of the Queensland Naturalists' Club and an author of several articles published in their journal

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Edited Books

  • McKay, Judith ed., Brilliant Careers: Women Collectors and Illustrators in Queensland (Brisbane: Queensland Museum, 1997), 80 pp. Details


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