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Biographical entry Glover-Fleay, Maude Edith Victoria (1869 - 1965)

Sulky Gully, Victoria, Australia
18 May 1965
Colac, Victoria, Australia
Natural history artist


Maude Glover-Fleay was one of Australia's first wildlife artists. She studied for a around two years under Fredrick McCubbin at the Drawing School, National Gallery of Victoria. The Victorian College of the Arts established a Maude Glover Fleay Award to honour her contribution to Australia's natural history. A Maude Glover Fleay Fund was also established to help with the purchase of work by Australian artists, especially females. The Ballarat Fine Art Gallery was a major recipient of the fund.

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Fleay-Thomson, Rosemary; Fleay-Beasy, Mary, The Girl from Sulky Gully (1999). Details

Edited Books

  • McKay, Judith ed., Brilliant Careers: Women Collectors and Illustrators in Queensland (Brisbane: Queensland Museum, 1997), 80 pp. Details


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