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Biographical entry Lovell, Selina Frances Nanette Louise (1827 - 1905)

London, England
10 October 1905
Cooktown, Queensland, Australia
Natural history collector and Teacher


Selina Frances N. L. Lovell joined the Queensland department of Public Instruction in 1872 after migrating from England in 1863. In 1880 she was appointed sole teacher at the small and remote Sandy Cape provisional school. During her sixteen or so years there Lovell collected specimens which she sent to the Queensland Museum and to Colonial Botanist FM Bailey. Baley commemorated her by naming three plants after her: Drosera lovellae (now D. spathulata), Pithecellobium lovelliae (now Archidendron lovelliae) and Rhaphidophora lovelliae (now Epipremnum pinnatum). In 1890 she even described a 'sea monster' which she and a few locals had spotted near Sandy Cape beach. After retiring from teaching due to ill health in December 1895, Lovell moved to Cooktown in Queensland and continued to make collections.

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Edited Books

  • McKay, Judith ed., Brilliant Careers: Women Collectors and Illustrators in Queensland (Brisbane: Queensland Museum, 1997), 80 pp. Details


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