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Biographical entry Fraser, Robert Donald Bruce (Bruce) (1924 - 2019)


14 August 1924
15 June 2019
Biochemist and Biophysicist


Bruce Fraser was internationally recognised for his contributions to understanding the structure of fibrous proteins, particularly wool and other keratins. After working at the Medical Research Council Biophysics Unit in London, during which time he was involved in the DNA studies of Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins, Fraser migrated to Australia in 1952 to join the CSIRO Biochemistry Unit ( from 1959 the Division of Protein Chemistry). Here he lead research into the 3D structure of keratins and collagens. Fraser became Chief of the Division in 1985, retiring two years later when the dismemberment of the Division was proposed. In retirement he continued to publish original research in the structure of fibrous proteins for over 20 years. Among his publications were the landmark books Keratins: their composition, structure and biosynthesis (1972) written with Tom McRae and George Rogers, and Conformation in fibrous proteins and related synthetic polypeptides (1973) with Tom McRae.



1943 - 1946
Career position - Served as pilot in the Royal Air Force
Education - MSc, King's College, University of London
1948 - 1951
Career position - Postgraduate student at the Medical Research Council Biophysics Unit at Kings College in London
1951 - 1952
Career position - Nuffield Foundation Fellow at the Medical Research Council Biophysics Unit at Kings College
Life event - Migrated to Australia
1952 - 1973
Career position - Research Scientist (later Chief Research Scientist), CSIRO Biochemistry Unit (later Division of Protein Chemistry)
1957 - 2019
Award - Fellow, Institute of Physics, United Kingdom
Education - DSc, University of London
1973 - 1983
Career position - Assistant Chief, CSIRO Division of Protein Chemistry
Career position - Visiting Professor, Department of Macromolecular Science, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
1978 - 2019
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Science
Award - Research Medal, Royal Society of Victoria
1983 - 1984
Career position - Acting Chief, CSIRO Division of Protein Chemistry
Award - S. G. Smith Memorial Medal, Textile Institute, United Kingdom
Award - Fogarty Scholarship, National Institutes of Health, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
1985 - 1987
Career position - Chief, CSIRO Division of Protein Chemistry
Life event - Retired as Chief of the CSIRO Division of Protein Chemistry
Award - World War Veterans Medal for service in the Royal Air Force (1943 - 1946)

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