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Biographical entry Crohn, Peter Wolfgang Reginald (1925 - 2000)

3 March 1925
Berlin, Germany
22 November 2000
Victoria, Australia


Peter Crohn was an explorer geologist who studied and mapped the geology of Australia and Antarctica. His most significant work was carried out in the Northern Territory, Mawson and Macquarie Island. Crohn twice went to Antarctica, the second time as leader, and he and his team made significant discoveries which were honoured when he was awarded the prestigious Polar Medal. He was Chief Geologist, followed by Director of Mines for the Northern Territory Geological Survey (1970-1979).


Born in Germany, Peter Crohn migrated to Australia with his mother and sister around 1940. He graduated at the University of Melbourne and was initially employed as a prospector by BHP Company (1953-1954). Crohn then went to the Bureau of Mineral Resources which saw him work in Antarctica. On this trip, Crohn and his team were the first to record Permian sedimentary rocks and the world's largest glacier system. Peter Crohn was brought back to the Northern Territory in 1958 and carried out geological mapping and mineral studies around the Tennant Creek region. He discovered magnesium deposits at Groote Eylandt. In 1970 Crohn was appointed chief geologist at the newly formed Northern Territory Geological Survey in Darwin. During his time there Crohn expanded the project scope to include studies of minerals, ground water, advances in engineering geology, construction materials, geochemistry and geophysics and provided an advisory service. In 1976 he was appointed director of mines. A short stint in Melbourne as a private consultant (1980) was quickly followed by another Antarctic expedition. Crohn was leader of this Macquarie Island trip which involved geological, geomorphical, petrological and trace element investigations.


c. 1940
Life event - Migrated to Australia (Melbourne)
1953 - 1954
Career position - Prospector for BHP Company in northern Australia
1954 - c. 1970
Career position - Geologist at the Bureau of Mineral Resources
1955 - 1956
Career position - Seconded to the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition to Mawson
Award - Polar Medal received
1958 - 1969
Career position - Geological mapping and mineral studies in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory
1970 - 1975
Career position - Chief Geologist at the Northern Territory Geological Survey, Darwin
1976 - 1979
Career position - Director of Mines on the Northern Territory Geological Survey, Darwin
Career position - Private Consultant in Melbourne
c. 1985
Career position - Leader if the Antarctic Research Expedition to Macquarie Island

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