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Biographical entry Campbell, Roderick Samuel Fisher (1924 - )


5 June 1924
Glasgow, Scotland
Veterinary scientist


Roderick Campbell was Professor in the area of veterinary science at Glasgow University and later at James Cook University of North Queensland.



1949 - 1969
Career position - Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Veterinary Pathology at Glasgow University, Scotland
1964 - 1965
Career position - Visiting Professor in Veterinary Pathology at Khartoum University in Sudan
1966 - 1967
Career position - Visiting Professor at Purdue University in Indiana, USA
Life event - Settled in Australia
1969 - 1987
Career position - Professor of Tropical Veterinary Science at James Cook University of North Queensland
1981 - 1982
Career position - Australian International Development Assistance Bureau, Australian Universities' International Development Program, University of Zimbabwe
1987 -
Career position - Veterinary Consultant
1987 -
Career position - Emeritus Professor at James Cook University of North Queensland
Career position - Consultant for the World Bank
Career position - Acting Director of the Anton Breinl Centre for Tropical Health and Medicine at the James Cook University of North Queensland
Career position - Trustee of the Indonesian International Animal Science Research and Development Foundation
1992 - 1993
Career position - Consultant for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Award - Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

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Journal Articles

  • Wilson, Alan, 'Professor Roderick S F Campbell (1924 - 2018)', Australian Veterinary Journal, 96 (6) (2018), 195. Details


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