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Biographical entry Graham, Jennifer Margaret (Jenny) (1950 - )

13 October 1950
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Occupational therapist and Educator



1972 - 1973
Career position - Community Occupational Therapist at the Queenscliff Health Centre, Victoria
Career position - Occupational Therapist at Larundel Hospital, Melbourne
1974 - 1978
Career position - Lecturer in Occupation Therapy at Cumberland College Health Sciences, New South Wales
1978 - 1979
Career position - Head Occupational Therapist in the Department of Psychiatry at Withington Hospital in Manchester, UK
1979 - 1982
Career position - District Occupational Therapist at Huddersfield Health Authority, UK
1982 - 1987
Career position - Head of the School of Occupational Therapy at the Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences, Victoria
1987 - 1990
Career position - Head of the School of Health at the Hunter Institute of Higher Education and the University of Newcastle
1991 - 1993
Career position - Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Newcastle
1993 - 1994
Career position - Assistant Vice-Chancellor at the University of Newcastle
1994 - September 2001
Career position - Pro Vice-Chancellor (external relations) at the University of Newcastle
September 2001 -
Career position - Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at Southern Cross University's Lismore Campus

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