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Biographical entry Crowley, Rosemary Anne (1938 - )

30 July 1938
Politician and Physician



Career position - Junior Resident Medical Officer at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne
Career position - Senior Resident Medical Officer at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne
Career position - Pathology Registrar at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
1970 - 1971
Career position - Junior Clinical Assistant in the Paediatrics Medical Department of the Adelaide Children's Hospital
1972 - 1974
Career position - Assistant in Clinical Haematology at the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science in South Australia
1979 - 1983
Career position - Foundation member of the South Australian Mental Health Tribunal
1983 -
Career position - Senator for South Australia
1984 -
Career position - Director of Australian People for Health Education and Development Abroad (APHEDA)
Career position - Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Status of Women
1993 - 1996
Career position - Minister for Family Services

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National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection

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