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Biographical entry Britz, Margaret (1952 - )

12 June 1952
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Educator, Food scientist and Microbiologist


Margaret Britz was appointed Foundation Chair of Food Science at the University of Melbourne in 1998. She has also been Head of the Department of Food Science and Agribusiness in the Institute of Land and Food Resources, University of Melbourne. Research areas of interest of Britz include medical microbiology, human physiology and biochemistry, industrial microbiology, environmental technologies and microbiology, and the physiology and genetics of food-grade microbes.



Career position - Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
1992 - 1996
Career position - Chair of the Environment Council of Victoria
1997 -
Career position - Director of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation
22 June 1998
Career position - Foundation Chair of Food Science at the University of Melbourne

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  • Herd, Margaret ed., Who's Who in Australia 2002 (Melbourne: Crown Content, 2001), 2020 pp. Details

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