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Allan James Canty has been Professor of Chemistry at the University of Tasmania since 1993. His interest is in organometallic chemistry, which studies and exploits chemical bonds between metal atoms and carbon atoms. His early work was concerned mainly with the interaction of mercury compounds with biologically important molecules, such as amino acids and constituents of DNA, and antidotes for mercury poisoning, and provided information relevant to the action of mercury in the environment and in biology. More recently he has studied mainly the role of palladium in organic synthesis and catalysis.


Educated Monash University (BSc (hons) ca 1967, PhD 1971, DSc 1993). Exhibition of 1851 Overseas Research Scholar, Cambridge University 1971-73; Lecturer, University of Tasmania 1974-78, Senior Lecturer 1978-84, Reader 1984-93, Professor of Chemistry 1993- . Fellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute 1984; Fellow, Australian Academy of Science 2001.

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