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Biographical entry Grimwade, John Frederick Thornton (1905 - 1992)


16 September 1905
Company director and Weather enthusiast


John Frederick T. Grimwade was a weather enthusiast who bequeathed his collection of weather related newspaper clippings to the Bureau of Meteorology, detailing a long history of correspondence over temperature readings with the Bureau. He collected articles on weather and annotated them with corrected temperatures. One of his recreations listed in Who's Who was the 'study of meteorology'.

Grimwade was educated at Church of England Grammar School in Melbourne and then at the University of Melbourne. He went on to become Director of Felton Grimwade & Duerdins Ltd (one of Australia's leading pharmaceutical firms); Drug House of Australia (DHA Ltd.); Australian Consolidated Industries Ltd.; and Cuming Smith & Co. Pty Ltd.



1940 - 1945
Career position - War service with the Australian Imperial Force
Award - Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

Archival resources

Bureau of Meteorology, National Meterorological Library

  • Grimwade collection of newspaper cuttings on Australian meteorology, covering the period 1932 to 1990, 1932 - 1990; Bureau of Meteorology, National Meterorological Library. Details

Published resources


  • Grimwade, John Frederick Thornton, A Short History of Drug Houses of Australia Ltd to 1968 (Mount Eliza, Victoria: J.F.T Grimwade, 1974), 66 pp. Details


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