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Biographical entry Wellcome, Henry



(Sir) Henry Wellcome was the founder of the Wellcome Foundation in the United Kingdom. Its object is to support charitable purposes and particularly medical research of relevance to the pharmaceutical industry. He spent some time in Australia in 1890.


In 1880 Silas Mainville Burroughs and Henry Wellcome, young Americans in London, established a pharmaceutical company, Buroughs Wellcome & Co., to promote a new form of compressed pills from America on the UK market. Burroughs died in 1895. The firm continued to flourish and subsidiary offices were opened all over the world. Wellcome also set up several research laboratories. In 1924 Wellcome consolidated all his commercial and non-commercial activities under one corporate umbrella, the Wellcome Foundation Ltd. He was knighted in 1932 and made an Honorary Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England in recognition of his services to medicine and many allied disciplines.

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