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Biographical entry Sharpe, Alan (1919 - )

21 October 1919
Mechanical engineer


Alan Sharpe was involved in planning the development of the IKARA anti-submarine weapon system. After his retirement he began a history of the development of IKARA and the history of the long range weapon project at Woomera and Salisbury. He worked as the Deputy Chief Defence Scientist, Defence Science and Technology, Department of Defence from 1975 until the early 1800s and was educated at the Educated University of Queensland (ME (Mech)).



1942 - 1947
Career position - Engineering Officer with the Royal Australian Air Force in Australia and United Kingdom
1947 - 1948
Career position - Engineer at the TAA power plant
1948 - 1951
Career position - Trainee at the Long Range Weapons Organisation United Kingdom
1951 - 1964
Career position - Research Scientist at the Aeronautical Research Laboratories
1964 - 1968
Career position - Assistant Controller of Weapons Systems in the Central Office of the Department of Supply
1968 - 1975
Career position - Controller of the Research and Development Division
1975 - 1980s
Career position - Deputy Chief Defence Scientist for Defence Science and Technology, Department of Defence

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  • Wisdom, John, A History of Defence Science in Australia (Melbourne: Defence Science and Technology Organisation, 1995), 267 pp. Details

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