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Biographical entry McMaster, Fergus (1879 - 1950)

3 May 1879
Morinish, Queensland, Australia
8 August 1950
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Grazier, Business executive and Airline founder


(Sir) Fergus McMaster was one of the founders of Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd (Qantas), registered in Brisbane in 1920, with McMaster as chairman of directors, a position he held from 1920 to 1923, then again from 1927 to 1934.

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  • McDonald, Lorna L., 'McMaster, Sir Fergus (1879-1950), grazier, businessman and airline founder' in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Bede Nairn and Geoffrey Serle, eds, vol. 10 (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1986), pp. 338-339. Details


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