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Biographical entry Jansz, Willem (? - 1628)

Alternative Names
  • Janssen, Willem


Willem Jansz was the first European to sight the Australian coastline in 1606.


Flourished 1603-1628. Sailed from Holland for the East in 1603 as skipper of the Duyfken, in which he took part in the first discovery of any part of the Australian coastline in 1605-06 when he examined the east coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria from 11 degrees S to 14 degrees S; served in the East for several periods (1603-11, 1612-16, including a period as governor of Fort Henricus on Solor, 1618-28, during which time was served as admiral of the Dutch fleet and as governor of Banda 1623-27). Chain of honour 1619 for his part in capturing four ships of the English East India Company which had aided the Javanese in their defence of the town of Jacatra (now Jakarta) against the Dutch.

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