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Biographical entry Davis, Edward Bruce (1920 - )

29 October 1920
Electrical engineer


Edward Bruce Davis headed a group at Weapons Research Establishment during the 1960s. They studied problems of near real time processing of large amounts of data and the extraction of weak signals from clutter and noise. He was also a Councillor of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (Central Section) South Australia.



1941 - 1946
Career position - Lieutenant with the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
1946 - 1952
Career position - Engineer with the Postmaster General's Department
1953 - 1957
Career position - Senior Engineer with the Postmaster General's Department
1959 - 1962
Career position - Principal Engineer with the Communications section
1962 - 1966
Career position - Superintendent of Electronics and Communications at the Weapons Research Establishment
1966 - 1981
Career position - Chief Superintendent of the Advanced Engineering Laboratory, Defence Research Centre in Salisbury
1982 - 1984
Career position - Visiting Fellow at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Division of Manufacturing Technology
1983 - 1989
Career position - Chairman of the Federal Communications Advisory Committee

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