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Biographical entry Cromer, Robin N.

Forest scientist and Forester


Robin Cromer has been working as a forest scientist with the CSIRO, specialising in plantations of eucalypts and pines. He made measurements of the synergism between fertilisation and weed control in their effects on early growth rate.

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Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Edited Books

  • Cremer, K.W. ed., Trees for rural Australia (Melbourne: Inkata Press, 1990), 455 pp. Chapter 9: Fertilising (Cromer, R.N.). Details

Journal Articles

  • Cromer, R.N. and Williams, E.R., 'Biomass and nutrient accumulation in a planted E. globulus (Labill.) fertilizer trial.', Australian Journal of Botany, 30 (3) (1982), 265-278. Details


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