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Biographical entry Bennett, John Makepeace (1921 - )

31 July 1921
Warwick, Queensland, Australia
Computer scientist


John Bennett worked on the SILLIAC project from 1956. Earlier he had been a research assistant at the Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge, where he was one of the pioneers of the EDSAC team (the EDSAC was the first machine in regular service, in 1949).


Born Warwick, Queensland, 31 July 1921. Educated Universities of Queensland (BSc, BE (Civil), BE (Mechanical and Electrical)) and Cambridge (PhD). RAAF 1942-46; computer specialist, Ferranti Ltd, Manchester and London 1950-55; Senior Numerical Analyst, Basser Computing Laboratory, University of Sydney 1956-61, Foundation Professor of Computer Science 1961-86, Emeritus Professor and Honorary Associate since 1987. President, New South Wales Computer Society 1965-66; Foundation President, Australian Computer Society 1966-67; Foundation Chairman, ANCCAC 1959-63.

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Edited Books

  • Bennett, J. M.; Broomham, Rosemary; Murton, P. M.; Pearcey, T.; Rutledge, R. W. ed., Computing in Australia: the Development of a Profession (Sydney: Hale and Ironmonger, 1994), 344 pp. Details


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