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Biographical entry Maine, Ross (1933? - 1986)

Western Australia, Australia


Ross Maine worked for the Bureau of Meteorology for 35 years, 1951-1986. He pioneered the introduction of computing in the Bureau, developing the first analysis and prognosis models as operational systems.


BSc. MSc, 1966. Cadet Meteorologist, Bureau of Meteorology, 1951. Worked in the South Australian regional office as a forecaster, before moving to Melbourne in 1960, where he focused on the application of computing methods to Meteorology. Starting with a numerical one-dimensional prognosis approach (after Gates) in 1957, in 1961-1962 he participated in joint University of Melbourne and Bureau barotropic model experiments using University of Melbourne and University of New South Wales valve computers - CSIRAC and UTECOM. From 1970 he was engaged on research in the Commonwealth Meteorology Research Centre, and then returned to ADP Branch as Controller, later to become Assistant Director Computing.

Published resources

Journal Articles

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  • Fiddian, Bill, 'Ross Maine - an Appreciation', Weather News, 280 (December 1986) (1986), 23-24. Details


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