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Biographical entry Hogan, John (1896 - 1970)

23 November 1896


John Hogan worked for the Bureau of Meteorology for 44 years (1914-1959), and was Deputy Director in Melbourne, 1946-1948 and Sydney, 1948-1959. He contributed greatly to the knowledge of atmospheric processes in the Australian region and to the improvement of the quality of meteorological services to the community. While Director in Sydney he spent a considerable amount of time in the Melbourne office as Acting Assistant Director (Administration) and Chief Scientific Officer. In the summer of 1922-1923 Hogan became the first Bureau officer to serve on Willis Island. From December 1963 to June 1964 he was employed as Bureau's External Relations Officer. In 1969 Hogan was contracted to prepare some historical notes relating to the Bureau and its officers, which later appeared in Metarch.



1914 -
Career position - Joined the Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne
1924 - 1929
Career position - Meteorological Assistant with the Bureaus of Meteorology
1929 - 1941
Career position - Meteorologist (Research) with the Bureaus of Meteorology
Education - Bachelor of Science (BSc) completed at the University of Melbourne
1941 - 1945
Career position - Meteorologist with the RAAF Meteorological Service
Career position - Weather on the Australia Station: aids to forecasting. Part 2, Analysed charts written for the RAAF
1946 - 1948
Career position - Supervising Meteorologist and Deputy Director of the Bureau in Melbourne
1948 - 1959
Career position - Deputy Director of the Bureau in Sydney
1963 - 1964
Career position - External Relations Officer at the Bureau of Meteorology (6-7 months)

Published resources


  • Hogan, John, Notes Prepared by John Hogan (1896-1970), Metarch Papers No. 2 (Bureau of Meteorology, 1986). Details

Journal Articles

  • 'Retirement of Mr. J. Hogan', Weather News, 30 (January 1959) (1959), 6. Details
  • 'John Hogan's Death', Weather News, 167 (July 1970) (1970), 4. Details


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