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Brian Bradshaw worked for the Bureau of Meteorology for 45 years, largely in operational matters relating to the Bureau's observing systems.


Bradshaw joined the Bureau of Meteorology as a meteorological assistant in Perth in 1948, taking a degree in meteorology in 1950 and worked at Central Analysis Office in Melbourne. He served in Adelaide and spent five years at Woomera, including a year at Maralinga during the atomic tests. From 1959 he served in Head Office, first the Analysis Centre, then Coordination and Planning finally moving to Facilities in the Networks and Traffic sub-section. He retired as Supervisor, Observations Operations.

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  • Bradshaw, Brian, 'Instrumentation and observing networks' in Windows on Meteorology: Australian Perspective, Webb, Eric K., ed. (Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 1997), pp. 127-141. Details


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