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Biographical entry Kloot, Tess

Librarian and Ornithologist


Tess Kloot's supplement to Whittell's 1954 book, The Literature of Australian Birds, was published by the Bird Observers' Club in 1995.


Librarian and later archivist, Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union for many years. Has published numerous articles in a series 'The Biography behind the Bird' and written two books on garden birds with Ellen McCulloch. Volunteer, National Museum of Victoria Bird Room with Allan McEvey (qv) for many years.

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Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

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Journal Articles

  • Kloot, T., 'Lilian Medland: 1880-1955', Emu, 76 (4) (1976), 183-186. Details

Newspaper Articles

  • Kloot, Tess, 'High-flyer saved habitats for winged friends', The Age (2006), 14. Details


See also

  • Robin, Libby, The Flight of the Emu: a Hundred Years of Australian Ornithology 1901-2001 (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2001), 492 pp. Details

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