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Biographical entry Heath, Bernard Verrell (1904 - 1984)

Horsham, Victoria, Australia
24 May 1984
Food scientist


Bernard Heath founded his own Consulting Chemist and Public Analyst Laboratory, Bernard Heath & Associates in 1928. He was heavily involved in the establishment of the first Food Science and Technology course at the Melbourne Technical College (now Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and was also one of the first part-time lecturers in this course.



c. 1924 - 1928
Career position - Scientist with the Health Department laboratories
1928 - ?
Career position - Bernard Heath & Associates, Consulting Chemist and Public Analyst Laboratory established
1935 - 1939
Career position - Food Scientist at Smedley's Food Cannery and a flavour manufacturing concern in England
1939 - 1945
Career position - War service with the Chemical Warfare Section of the Australian Army
c. 1946 - 1957?
Career position - Lecturer (part-time) in Food Microbiology at the University of Melbourne
1958 - 1959
Career position - Adviser to the Jamaican Government on food laws

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