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Biographical entry Geary, William (1873? - 1944)

18 December 1944
Analytical chemist


William Geary was appointed Analyst to the Perth City Council in 1917, the scope of the position later being enlarged to include the analytical work of 43 local authorities within the State. He retained this position until his death in 1944. In 1931 he accompanied the Government Analyst, E.A. Mann, to England and was responsible for the analyses made in connection with investigations on standards for whisky. After completing his education at the Working Men's College in Melbourne (chemistry and metallurgy), Geary went on to work as an Assayer and Metallurgical Chemist at various organisations in Melbourne and was involved in various mining activities in Western Australia. In 1907 he joined the Explosives and Analytical Branch of the Western Australian Mines Department as Assistant Analyst. He remained there until 1917 when he joined the Perth City Council.

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