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Biographical entry Howard, Amos William (1848 - 1930)

31 May 1848
Wattford, Hertfordshire, England
2 March 1930
Blakiston, South Australia, Australia


Amos Howard recognised the value of subterranean clover for improving pastures and promoted its use. Two species have been named "Howard" and "Mt Barker" in his honour.


Born 31 May 1848. Died 2 March 1930. Arrived in Australia 1876. Established a nursery in the Adelaide hills. Promoted the use of subterranean clover for improving pastures. When superphosphate was advocated for pastures as well as for crops clover sowings responded remarkably and the formula of 'sub and super' was widely followed. There is a memorial to Howard's work on clover on the Mount Barker road. The Howard memorial research fellowship of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science was established in 1967. Two of the several cultivars of subterranean clover are named "Howard" and "Mr Barker".

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