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Biographical entry Frazier, Jim (1940 - )

26 November 1940
Optics and Camera operator


Jim Frazier is a camera man whose credits include shooting wildlife films for David Attenborough. But he is best known for his optics skills. Frustrated with the lack of picture clarity and focus traditional camera lenses offered, Frazier set about developing his own version. From the start he was told that what he wanted to create was impossible and almost defied the laws of physics. However, after more than 10 years of research and refinement, Frazier developed his revolutionary deep focus lens. The lens enabled both the subject, say a tiny insect, and its surrounds to be kept in focus. It also has the ability to swivel in any direction without moving the camera and has an inbuilt image rotator. The patent for the technology was bought by American lens manufacturer giant Panavision in around 1993. The lens is now widely used in Hollywood movies, television commercials, as well as in wildlife documentaries. Frazier was awarded an Oscar for this motion picture lens in 1998.

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