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Biographical entry d'Urville, Jules Dumont (1790 - 1842)

23 May 1790
Conde-sur-Noireau, France
12 May 1842


Jules Dumont d'Urville was Captain in charge of an Antarctic expedition (1837-1840) which discovered the Louis Philippe, Joinville and Adélie Lands. He published a number of popular books on his travels.


Hydrographic researches in Aegean and Black Seas 1819-20, went round the world as second in command of the "Coquille" 1822-25, went to Polynesia 1826-29 as captain of the "Astrolabe" to search for La Pérouse, gathering valuable scientific data and finding the relics of La Pérouse's expedition at Vanikoro. Escorted King Charles X and his family, deposed by the July Revolution, to England in 1830. Placed by new king, Louis Philippe, in charge of an Antarctic expedition in 1837-40, which discovered the Louis Philippe, Joinville and Adélie Lands. Promoted to Admiral, accidentally killed in 1842.

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