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Biographical entry Chidley, William James (1860? - 1916)

Victoria, Australia
21 December 1916
Callan Park, New South Wales, Australia


William Chidley was a philosopher and eccentric who had original theories including one on how to deal with human misery: he recommended vegetarianism, fresh air, sunlight and unrestrictive clothing. He also criticised money-making and class distinction. Another of Chidley's postulates was that there was a "correct" method of sexual intercourse and published a book, The Answer, which he sold in the street. Because of this and because of his bizarre method of dressing he was deemed insane and several times committed to mental hospitals. He also suffered from intermittent spells of alcoholism.

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  • Dahlitz, Ray, Secular who's who : a biographical directory of freethinkers, secularists, rationalists, humanists and others involved in Australia's secular movement from 1850 onwards (Balwyn, Victoria: R. Dahlitz, 1994), 192 pp. p.88. Details

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